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As a student of Ocali Charter High School (OCHS), you are an integral member of our community.  Not only are we here to help you achieve the highest academic achievement by earning your diploma, but also help you learn valuable life skills you need to enter adulthood successfully.  We believe developing a strong work ethic, combined with your gifts and talents, individual personality, and character will help prepare you for your future college and/or career pathways.

But, key to your success lies within you, and you alone!

You will only achieve great success by putting forth the effort to do so.  Taking action; becoming a lifelong learner; investing in yourself and others; managing your emotions, time, health, and resources will propel you to a great destination!  And our entire staff, board of directors, and administration is here to help you grow today, so you can be empowered and equipped for the future!

Student Support Services

Discover the array of student support services available at our school to empower and guide our students towards success. From personalized counseling and mentorship programs to enriching enrichment activities and extracurricular opportunities, we prioritize the holistic development of every student. Here's a glimpse of what we offer:

Support Services

Advising & Counseling

Our dedicated full-time counselor provides personalized support to students, ensuring a low counselor-to-student ratio of 1:75, well below the recommended standard. Monthly parent meetings and gender-specific at-risk student groups foster a supportive environment. Scheduled one-on-one counseling sessions are available for students in need.


Enrichment Programs & Activities

Engage in a variety of enrichment programs tailored to enhance skills and prepare students for the workforce. Through mentorship programs, guest speakers impart valuable soft and business skills through our Online Business Incubator (OBI) program.


Extracurricular Activities

Embrace a diverse range of extracurricular activities, from traditional sports like basketball and volleyball to niche interests such as American Sign Language, E-Sports, and culinary arts. Next year, exciting additions include Boys' Volleyball, Cross Country, and various clubs catering to different interests.


Extracurricular Activities

Access support for academic success through tutoring sessions, including early release and after-school options. Seniors preparing for standardized tests can benefit from Saturday test prep sessions for the SAT and ACT. Daily test preparation is integrated into classroom instruction to maximize learning opportunities.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

OCHS students entering the 9th grade will be required to successfully complete the 24-credit program in order to earn a standard high school diploma. 


This includes:

  • 4 Credits - English Language Arts (ELA)

  • 4 Credits - Mathematics

  • 3 Credits - Science

  • 3 Credits - Social Studies

  • 1 Credit - Physical Education & Health

  • 8 Credits - Elective

  • 1 Credit - Practical Arts | OBI Program

Students must earn a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale for all cohort years and pass statewide testing requirements, unless a waiver of assessment results is granted by the IEP team for students with disabilities.

School Safety

Your safety is of utmost importance to us, and we do not tolerate acts of violence, bullying, harassment, threats, discrimination, or other efforts to make anyone feel unsafe!  Such acts are met with the utmost swift and strict discipline, including, but not limited to detention, suspension, permanent discharge from the school (expelled), or law enforcement.

Review the Student Handbook for specific details about school safety.

For your added protection, the school does participate in the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program, as well as FortifyFL, a suspicious activity reporting tool you can download to your cell phone, that allows you to instantly relay information to appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials.  

FortifyFL is a suspicious activity reporting tool that allows you to instantly relay information to appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials.

Dress Code & Uniforms

Dress Code & Uniform Policy

Ocali Charter High School believes every student should have a positive and productive learning environment, without distraction from the latest styles, trends, or designs of clothing.

Furthermore, in an effort to curb negativity, bullying, or feelings of insecurity due to clothing, we have adopted a specific school dress code that will help foster a learning environment, free from clothing-related issues.

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday:  OCHS Dress Code 
Tuesday:  Professional Dress Uniform
Friday:  Spirit Day Uniform

It is expected that students wear to school or school functions neat, clean, appropriate clothing (as listed below) that meets the standards of this educational environment. Any extreme in clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, or appearance that may disrupt the normal operation of the school will not be acceptable. It is not the intention of these guidelines to usurp the authority of parents in determining what appropriate dress is and grooming for their children in accordance with the age and grade of those youngsters. The school will work with parents in encouraging our young people to assume this responsibility and to execute it sensibly as they mature. The purpose of the home and school working together should be to help students accept and cooperate with the guidelines.



  1. Students shall wear shoes for foot protection and for hygienic reasons while on school grounds or school transportation.  For safety reasons, shoes with wheels and/or skates may not be worn on the school campus/bus. It is recommended that students wear closed toe/closed heel shoes to school. Flip flops, slides, or bedroom slippers are not allowed.  

  2. Students must not wear clothing and accessories which are harmful, disruptive, or hazardous to health or safety. Undergarments should not be visible at any time. 

  3. Students (male and female) are not to wear hats of any kind within the school building unless approved by the school administration for special occasions and specific locations. "Hats" should be interpreted literally as "hats" or head-coverings and will include bandanas, berets, beanies, knitted caps, hoods (such as attached to sweatshirts), caps, sweatbands, visors, and similar hat-like apparel. 

  4. Students are not to wear T-shirts or other garments, or other items with pictures, logos, phrases, decals, patches, emblems, or words printed on them that are obscene or disruptive in the judgment of the school administration. This will include, but not be limited to: nude/semi-nude figures; figures in sexually suggestive postures; or logos of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, or prohibited substances; or gang identification. A tattoo that is obscene or disruptive in the judgment of the school administration needs to be covered. 

  5. Tops must be long enough to clearly overlap the belt line or stay tucked in during the course of normal movement throughout the day. Shirts falling below mid-thigh length will be tucked in. No bare-midriff shirts/blouses, sleepwear, muscle shirts, or tank tops will be worn. No sleeveless shirts allowed.  

  6. Garments will be secured at the waist. Shorts and skirts are permitted at all grade levels and will be no more than 4 inches above the top of the knee cap or longer. 

  7. Jewelry and accessories shall be worn in a way that does not present a safety or health hazard or cause a disruption to the education process.

  8. High school students must display a current school-issued identification badge at all times while on campus. This badge must be clearly visible and worn above the waist. Failure to wear this ID will result in a dress code violation and students will be required to purchase an ID before entering a classroom on campus.  

  9. Leggings, jeggings, gym shorts, sweat pants, or biker shorts are not permitted.  Clothing made of spandex is not permitted.  

Regulations in reference to grooming and dress for special activities such as athletics, fine arts and drill team will be governed by the immediate person in charge of these activities under the direction of the principal.

Appropriateness and moderation in all things, concern for the health and safety of the students, and the avoidance of distractions to the educational process are the guiding principles of the student dress code. Styles and fads are constantly changing and cannot possibly be covered by specific rules and regulations. The task of evaluating what is proper in the way of dress and grooming is highly controversial, and opinion among people varies.  Individual schools will assume responsibility for ruling on specific items of clothing and general appearance for reasons of safety and health, or for the order, well-being, and general welfare of students. 

School administrators are authorized to employ appropriate disciplinary procedures to carry out and enforce this policy. These are minimum standards that will be enforced at each school. Schools have the right to set higher standards based on administrative procedures. School uniforms may be adopted at individual schools. 

Tuesday Mandatory Professional Dress Uniform:


Young men will wear:

  • Dress shoes (no tennis shoes)

  • Khaki pleated dress pants (no denim like material or work pants)

  • White button us dress shirt (short or long sleeve)

  • Blue School Blazer with logo

  • Yellow neck tie or bow tie 

  • Belt (optional)

  • Shirt will be tucked in. 


Young women will wear:

  • Dress shoes (no heels higher than 2 inches)

  • Khaki pleated dress pants or khaki knee length skirt (no denim like material or leggings) 

  • White dress shirt (short or long sleeve)

  • Blue School blazer with logo

  • Belt (optional)

  • Shirt will be tucked in.  



Friday Spirit Day Uniform:


For all students: 

  • Jeans or casual dress pants (no shorts)

  • Gray school polo, authorized club t-shirt, or athletic jersey as decided upon by admin and coach 

Students that do not abide by the dress code will be given a dress code violation and will be required to change into the appropriate garments before attending class.  


A parent will be called to bring appropriate clothing to school for the student and will be expected to produce appropriate clothing within one hour of the phone call notification.  Excessive dress code violations will result in loss of the privilege of non uniform dress code days and students will be required to wear a school uniform every day of the week.  

School Belles Logo.png

Bus Hubs

We believe that your best choice, if at all possible, is to drive your child to school and pick them up.  The time spent with them is precious and can make a huge impact on their academic day. 


However, for those who are unable to do so, bus Transportation is provided as a courtesy to parents and students, as well as ensuring all students have access to public education without transportation barriers.

We utilize bus hubs, which are specific locations we have deemed safe and conveniently located for students to access bus transportation. 


These hubs are non-negotiable and OCHS cannot add nor move bus hubs.


For the FIRST WEEK of school ONLY – parents may explore which bus hub is the best option for their student.  The student MUST ride the bus for the first week to determine which bus stop works best for him/her. Your child MUST ride in the morning and afternoon for the first week of school.   Upon completion of the first week, the stop that is selected will become the official stop for that student for the remainder of the school year and cannot be changed without approval from the school administration.


Please be patient as we fine-tune the routes, and plan on being 10 minutes early and staying 10 minutes past the scheduled pickup/drop-off times during this process. 

Bus Hubs




























SE 64th Ave Rd & Hemlock Radial Loop

SE 64th Ave Rd & Pecan Rd

Pecan Rd & Hemlock Rd

Bahia Rd & Bahia Trace

Bahia Rd & Hickory Rd

Oak Rd & Silver Rd

Bahia Rd & Spring Rd

Bahia Rd & Water Rd

Bahia Rd & Pine Rd

Pine Rd & Pine Course

Dogwood Rd & Dogwood Dr

Banyan Rd & Banyan Course

On Wednesdays and any other early release dates the PM times will be 2 hours earlier.  Please make plans accordingly.

Bus Hubs
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