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Ocali Charter High School will provide students necessary tools to become successful adults and contributing members to their community through an aggressive academic calendar with engaging curriculum and experiential learning opportunities.  


Complete the Student Enrollment Application.


Application will be reviewed by Administration.  This may include scheduling an interview with the Principal. 


Once accepted, a Registration Packet will be mailed to your home, along with an acceptance letter and additional info.


A completed Registration Packet must be returned by the deadline, along with included requirements.*


Lottery Process:

If, after open enrollment, there are more applications than seats, then the school will conduct a random lottery.  Then, once all seats are filled, any remaining students then go on a waitlist.

The enrollment lottery will be conducted openly and transparently. Each qualified applicant will receive a unique identifier for the lottery draw. Random selection methods, such as computerized random number generators, will be utilized for the draw. The date, time, and venue of the lottery will be announced to the public beforehand, with the possibility of witnesses to ensure fairness.

Preference will be given only to siblings of currently enrolled students in any of our schools.

Waiting List: An eligible applicant who isn't initially chosen in the lottery will be placed on a waiting list. As seats become available, these waitlisted applicants will be offered enrollment in the sequence determined by the lottery draw. The charter school will meticulously document the enrollment lottery process, including the draw itself, witness identities, and all interactions with student families.

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