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The Ocali Charter High School academic program is structured for students to earn a college-preparatory diploma in an engaging, hands-on, experiential learning environment, geared to develop important life skills and high academic achievement for all students.

The curriculum is designed to develop students who can research, critically think, express, and reason in order to prepare them for adulthood and college or vocational rigor.  

Dual Enrollment courses will be provided through our partnership with Florida colleges, affording students the ability to accelerate their college education through classes at either the high school site or a college campus location.

In addition to core classes, students will participate in our Online Business Incubator Program (OBI), affording students the opportunity to create their own, fully operational, online business by the time they graduate.


Online Business Incubator

Setting our students on a pathway to lifetime success, our new OBI program will partner with community leaders, business owners, and professionals to help students create a legitimate online business by the time they graduate high school.

Taking students from creative idea to complete operation and management of their own online business will teach valuable life skills, professional integrity, and best business practices, while networking with and learning from the best our community has to offer!

Math Formulas


Our math department focuses on enhancing student’s mathematical skills and promotes problem solving and critical thinking.  The faculty strives to teach students how to apply mathematics to our daily lives and essential, real-world scenarios.  

Teaching English

English Language Arts (ELA)

The ELA faculty supports student learning through rigorous studies of both nonfiction and fiction literature, writing skills, analytical and critical thinking strategies, and public speaking and presentation skills.

Students who require additional support in developing or enhancing reading skills can take courses to help them achieve the required grade-level or advanced proficiency.  

Science & Technology

Students will have the opportunity to learn general science studies, including astronomy, biology, environmental science, and chemistry, using technology and hands-on learning experiments.

Through this program, students will become engaged in learning how science impacts their daily lives, while exploring career opportunities in a variety of fields.

Technology Class

Social Studies

Exploring history and civics (political science) will be the bases for our social studies program, consisting of geography, economics, and other social science disciplines.  

These studies will enable students to develop an understanding of who they are, where they come from, and how they will become part of a larger community and contributing member to society.

Playing soccer at sunset


Student athletes, enrolling in OCHS, have equal opportunity to participate in their zoned high school's athletic programs.  

OCHS students will be required to meet the same qualifications and achieve the academic standards defined by the District to participate.

Credit Card

Economics & Financial Literacy

Florida Statute requires all high school students take a financial literacy course in order to graduate.  In this course, students will learn valuable life skills, such as managing a bank account, complete loan applications, credit, budgeting, and computing federal income taxes.

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

OCHS Career and Technical Education (CTE) are part of the dual enrollment program, in partnership with colleges.

The CTE courses include various career tracks designed to help students choose their graduate career path. 

Smiling Therapist

Advanced Placement

Students will have the opportunity to be placed in advanced college-preparatory programs once they reach the 11th or 12th grade.  

These programs are designed to provide rigorous curriculum, awarding college credit.

Student Reading Textbook
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