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Parents, you are the first and most important educator in your student's life.  As the role model, disciplinarian, provider, influencer, cheerleader, advocate, and protector of your student(s), you serve a critical role in their academic success, as well as their graduation to adulthood!  Everyone at Ocali Charter High School belongs to a distinguished community with the sole purpose of serving your student by providing him/her with the opportunity to achieve high academic standards, personal development, career pathway directives, and life skills they need to become successful adults and positive contributors to society.  

As a vital member of our school community, we require that parents serve as a volunteer as part of their student's enrollment.  This not only serves as a way for you to see how our school operates, it gives you a perspective that few people understand.  Plus, your support and involvement sends a loud and clear message to your student that you are invested in his/her education and academic achievement!  Your time is your most valuable asset, and while we realize lives are busy, investing your time in your child's school is critical to their success!

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There are a number of ways you can volunteer and invest time in your student's school.

  • Join our Parent Organization

  • Join our Community Partnership Program (CPP)

  • Sign up for Special Events

  • Serve as a Chaperone

  • Be a Teacher's Aide

  • Help the Front Office

  • Donate your Skills, Gifts, Talents

  • Help with Fundraisers

  • Organize Supply and Uniform Drives

  • Offer to help with Lunch or Custodial Duties

  • Organize Teacher/Staff Appreciation Events

  • Host a Holiday Event for Disadvantaged School Families - Meals, Toy & Clothing Drive

  • Teach an After-School Program/Hobby

  • Coordinate Lunch, Flowers, Donuts/Muffins, Gift Cards, or other Great Items to hand out to Staff for Appreciation

  • Promote the School by Sharing Social Media Posts or Creating Positive Social Media/Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

  • Add a 5-Star Review to our Social Media Accounts

  • So much more!

For safety reasons, volunteers serving on-campus, or having access to students, must apply and pass a criminal background check before being granted access to the campus.

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