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Welcome to Ocali Charter High School, where we believe in the power of community engagement and fostering meaningful connections. As part of our commitment to this belief, we are proud participants in the Clear Choice Academies Community Partnership Program (CPP).

The CPP serves as a platform for facilitating interactions between our students and various pillars of our community, including local business owners, community leaders, charitable organizations, and influencers. Through this program, we aim to create a mutually beneficial environment that opens doors to exciting opportunities for everyone involved.

Today's students are the leaders of tomorrow. That's why we empower our students to become ambassadors of our school, representing our values and mission through volunteer community service projects, hands-on learning experiences, and servant leadership opportunities. These initiatives are made possible by the generous support of members and organizations within our community.

At Ocali Charter High School, we believe that by fostering community engagement and providing enriching experiences, we equip our students with the skills, knowledge, and inspiration they need to become successful leaders in their chosen fields. Together, we shape a brighter future, one connection at a time.

Join us as we build bridges between our students and the vibrant community around us, preparing them for a fulfilling and impactful journey ahead.



Community Engagement

We invite professionals, business owners, community leaders, first-responders, parents, and other influential members of our community to visit our school and present their occupations and roles to our students.  This interactive session aims to generate interest, invite questions, and expose students to a range of career options they can consider after graduation. It's an opportunity for our partners to showcase their work and for students to learn about different paths they can pursue.


During these presentations, our students have the chance to engage directly with professionals from various fields, fostering a dialogue that sparks curiosity and inspires exploration. Additionally, if any of our partners have volunteer opportunities or job openings suitable for students, they can also present them during their visit. This enables our students to actively participate in real-world experiences that align with their interests, providing valuable hands-on learning opportunities.


Together, let's create an environment where students can discover their passions, explore diverse career paths, and build meaningful connections with professionals who can guide and inspire them along their journey.

Student Engagement

Prepare to be inspired by our incredible Student Ambassadors! These exceptional students not only excel academically but also dedicate themselves to making a positive impact in their communities. As a graduation requirement, they actively engage in community service, supporting non-profit organizations, charitable groups, and various causes. Through their selfless contributions, they discover the true value of giving back. But their journey doesn't end there. Our ambassadors also connect with local businesses and community leaders, exploring professions, entrepreneurship, and civic responsibility. This initiative not only inspires our students' future career choices but also offers business owners a chance to invest in and mentor the leaders of tomorrow.

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