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Talons Up! Let's S.O.A.R.

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Our New Spirit Logo

Ocali Charter High School (OCHS) will open in Fall 2023 and Principal Elizabeth Brown is setting the foundation for our new Eagles to S.O.A.R.! The acronym stands for Success, Opportunities, Achievement, and Readiness. Each year, Mrs. Brown will also pick a theme for this school year. The first year's theme is EM2 (EM-squared), which stands for Every Moment Matters.

OCHS will focus on preparing students for post-secondary success, by creating hands-on learning

experiences, using project-based initiatives, and our Community Partnership Program (CPP), while incorporating both educational and technical life skills to help students identify and excel in their "life after high school" pursuits.

This will involve community service projects, our Online Business Incubator (OBI) program, and tons of other great opportunities, such as Student Leadership-driven activities, and more!

The first year will be the most challenging, and yet one of the most rewarding as students, parents, staff, and the community help develop, grow, and implement highly effective programs, partnerships, and opportunities to help students exceed academic standards, achieve personal goals, and create a path for success as they prepare for adulthood.

It will require teamwork, patience, a strong work ethic, and ambition from everyone, but that is what grows and develops character, integrity, courage, wisdom, and strength. Talons Up, Eagles! Let's SOAR!

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