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Bus Transportation Information

We believe that your best choice, if at all possible, is to drive your child to school and pick them up. The time spent with them is precious and can make a huge impact on their academic day.

However, for those who are unable to do so, bus Transportation is provided as a courtesy to parents and students, as well as ensuring all students have access to public education without transportation barriers.

We utilize bus hubs, which are specific locations we have deemed safe and conveniently located for students to access bus transportation.

These hubs are non-negotiable and OCHS cannot add nor move bus hubs.

For the FIRST WEEK of school ONLY – parents may explore which bus hub is the best option for their student. The student MUST ride the bus for the first week to determine which bus stop works best for him/her. Your child MUST ride in the morning and afternoon for the first week of school. Upon completion of the first week, the stop that is selected will become the official stop for that student for the remainder of the school year and cannot be changed without approval from the school administration.

Please be patient as we fine-tune the routes, and plan on being 10 minutes early and staying 10 minutes past the scheduled pickup/drop-off times during this process.

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