Starting Small with Big Plans

Updated: Apr 29

Ocali Charter High School may be starting out small with the first year of ninth-graders, but we have big plans!

Sometimes starting small seems strange, especially when you are coming from a larger school. But, students in our inaugural ninth grade class will be the pioneers of greater things to come!

You will be the first class to join Marion County's only charter high school. Your Class of 2026 will be the first senior class to graduate from our school. And there will be many other "firsts" along the way, during your next four years.

And there will be many growing pains in this journey. But we see growing pains as building blocks for a better foundation! It teaches us to face challenges head-on, overcome adversity with integrity, and grow our character.

Ocali Charter High School (OCHS) is working with a great investment partner to help us find and fund a permanent home for both our middle and high school. Eventually, both Ocali Charter schools will share facility space to become a much larger family.

But, don't let that scare you. Each will maintain their own autonomy, have their own principals and staff, and operate as two separate schools under the same Clear Choice Academy umbrella.

Very soon, we plan to announce the new school building facilities, along with an architectural drawing, to give students, parents, staff, and the public, a preview of our next chapter.

In the meantime, stay tuned!


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